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Vincent Tiley


School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago IL, Class of 2013 MFA recipient

Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore Maryland, Class of 2010 BFA recipient

Summa Cum Laude

Osaka University of Art, Osaka Japan, Spring Semester 2009



Zeit Contemporary Art | New York | 2018-2020

PDA Projects | Ottawa | 2017 – 2018

Christopher Stout Gallery | New York | 2015-2016




How Bats Drink Water | Zeit Contemporary Art | New York


Blue Zombie | The Institute for American Art | Portland ME

Material Eyes | The International Surgical Science Museum | Chicago

The Past Three Nights | AxeNeo7 | Gatineau Canada


Silent Heat | Christopher Stout Gallery | New York


Look at the Moon | City Bird Gallery | New York


New Skin | Elee Mosynary Gallery | Chicago

BABY YOURE NEVER THERE | Glasshouse ArtLifeLab | New York




Send Nudes | Chris Habana Jewelry FW19 | NSFW | New York


Touchstone | American Medium | New York

The Unspeakable | Pfizer Building | New York

Cast of Characters | Bureau of General Services Queer Division | New York

If Happy Little Blue Birds Fly | Abrons Art Center | New York

Haptic Tactics | Leslie-Lohman Museum | New York


Re Art Show XV | Pfizer Building | New York

Small Works for Big Change | Participant Inc. | New York

Queer Fight Songs | ADO Project | New York

FIAR Resident Show | Cherry Grove Community Center | Cherry Grove

Material Kink | Chicago Leather Archives and Museum | Chicago

The Chosen | PDA Projects | Ottawa

Kinetic Intimacies | Museum of Art and Design | New York

Ill At Ease: Disease in Art | Buffalo University Galleries | Buffalo

If You Sit Long Enough | High Tide | Philadelphia

Fruiting Bodies | Iceberg Projects | Chicago

Spring Break Art Fair | Christopher Stout Booth | New York


Mentors | CFHILL | Stockholm

Multitask 13.0 | New York

May I Introduce | Lantern Hall | New York

Coney Island Babies | Bureau of General Services-Queer Division | New York

Humans Who Design | Alliance Storefront Gallery | New York

Painting in Time: Part 2 | Sullivan Galleries | Chicago

Queer Art Festival | Drama Queer | Vancouver


Casings and Treatments | Panoply | New York

Beauty Without Intention | Tenri Cultural Institute | New York

First Annual NYC Porn Film Festival | Secret Project Robot | New York


Bushwick Does Basel | BrickHouse | Miami

Zones Contemporary Art Fair | Edge Zones | Miami

FUTURE SAD | Grace Exhibition Space | New York

Rapid Pulse 3.0 | Defibrillator | Chicago

Phresh Produce | Strange Loop | New York

The Sodomites of Sans-Souci | Macie Gransion Gallery | New York

Upon the Skin | 49B Studios | Brooklyn

The New Romantics | Eyebeam | New York


American Dream(s): (W)Holy Grail | Flats Studio| Chicago

MFA Commencement Show | Sullivan Galleries| Chicago

Near Dwellers | Russell Industrial Center| Detroit


BABY YOURE NEVER THERE | New Capital Gallery| Chicago

Voidobject()| Warehouse508| Albuquerque

THE BUNKER | Defibrillator| Chicago

Bent | Jenny’s Common| Chicago

Domain+Range | Jenny’s Common| Chicago

Layered Cities | Kriti Gallery| Varanasi India


RoomsPlay | Current Gallery | Baltimore

Neon /// | Lion vs. Gorilla | Chicago

New Blood V | Columbus Building | Chicago

2010 Cavities | CRYSTALTOOTH gallery | Charleston WV

2010 Senior Commencement Show | MICA | Baltimore

Panoptic | North Avenue Market | Baltimore



Bill Arning | Houston, TX

Evan Garza | Houston, TX

Kahled Habayeb and Kyle Meyer | New York, NY

Hunter Reynolds | New York, NY

The Whitney Museum of Art Library | New York, NY

Yale University Library | New Haven, CT

Thomas J. Watson Library at the Metropolitan Museum of Art | New York, NY

Leather Archives and Museum | Chicago, IL




Ox-Bow School of Art | Adjunct Faculty | 07.2019

Co-taught “Alter Overflow: Garment Making as Studio Practice” with artist and designer

Brad Callahan of BCALLA. Together, Callahan and I led a two week intensive course on

the subject of queer garment making and performance. Students were led through

technical exercises and theoretical discussions on garment making and crafting identity.


ACRE Residency Program | Print Technician | 08.2018

Oversaw the use and maintenance of the print facilities. Aided residents in the

conception, production, and editioning of prints and cyanotypes.


The Origins of Color | Printed Matter Inc. | New York

Vincent Tiley Artist Presentation | Maine College of Art | Portland ME

Into the Light with Hunter Reynolds | Leslie-Lohman Museum | New York

The View From Here: Creating Meaningful Art in Hostile Times | Daniel Cooney Fine Art | NewYork



Institute for American Art Residency 2017

Fire Island Artist Residency 2017

ACRE Residency 2013

Ox-Bow School of the Arts Residency 2012



Official Participant in ISEA 2012 festival

Marie W. Sharpe Foundation Scholars Award

Academic Excellence Scholarship

Trustee Award, MICA Achievement Award

General Fine Arts Scholarship



The Origins of Color | Raw Meat Collective | 2018



Cast of Characters 2018

Queer Art Festival Catalogue 2016

Ill At Ease Catalogue Essay | Vincent Tiley | Dana Tyrell

Monsters and Dust: Pink Punk Vol. 4, Winter 2014

New Romantics Catalogue and Essays Summer 2014



New York Times | Stephen Varble: The Street was his Stage, the Dress was his Weapon | Holland Cotter | 01.10.19


Pride Guide 2018 | Arts in Activism | Samantha Marie J


Filthy Dreams | Vincent Tiley: A Body Without Organization | Efrem Zelony-Mindell


Chicago Tribune | Material Eyes Video Probes Link Between Humans, Robots at Surgical Science

Museum | Michael Workman



Performa | Kinetic Intimacies at Fashion after Fashion | Jeppe Uglevig


Out Magazine | Fetish Wear Meets Durational Performance in Queer Installation | Justin Moran


GlassTire | Not Just Naked People: Experimental Action Houston Performance Art Festival |

Brandon Zech



Hyperallergic | The Offstage Art of Brooklyn Drag Queens | Elyssa Goodman

Art in America | Revisitation Phase | Eric Sutphin | 07/20/16


Posture Magazine: The Ornamentation Issue. Issue No. II, “The Vortex Wears a Suit” Spring 2016


Art F City



Textile Art Center Blog | Vincent Tiley: Fiber Fashion and Performance | Janina Anderson |



Huffington Post |


New City | Portrait of the Artist: Vincent Tiley | Matt Morris | 2014

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